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We understand SMEs facing the challenges of pivoting their businesses and sell online. We are aspire to come out with better solutions to help more businesses to sell online more effectively and efficiently. We make it possible for every business owners expand their business into online in one place. They can continuously capture leads, generate sales and accept payments right from online shop.

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In order to help more SME businesses go online in this pandemic period, we are giving out 50% discount for all price plans! Choose your plan now and you can upgrade it anytime based on your business need!


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Our Core Features

Update Website Content Anytime

Need an update on your website content? Yes, you can simply update your page content anytime without any technical knowledge.\

Sell Your Products or Services Everywhere

Do not limit your revenue capability. Your online store can help you sell your products or services throughout Malaysia or even globally!

Cut Costs
Boost Profits!

You only need a small cost to start and maintain an eCommerce online store. With a lower cost involved, you can cut down your operation cost and boost profit margin.

Receive Payments

Our plans come with the integration of payment gateway. These established payment gateways are reliable and safe to use such as SenangPay. PayPal, Stripe, eGHL and iPay88.



1Will I get full control of my online store?
Yes, you will get full control of your online store including website editing, managing products, fulfilling orders and much more.
2What Payment method I can use on my online store?
The payment method that comes with this startup plan includes online bank transfer and Paypal payment gateway. You can also choose any one payment methods such as Senangpay, eGHL, iPay88 etc. However, integration with more than 1 payment methods is not included in this plan.
3How many products can I upload to my online store?
Self-upload: up to 190 products. We upload for you: 10 products Total product upload allowed: 200 products
4 After I confirm the website, can I request the amendment again?
Yes, after website is confirmed and published, any request for amendments will be charged under maintenance hour.
5If I refuse to pay for amendment charges, can I update my website by myself?
Yes, we will provide the access on Content Management System to clients, which allow you to edit page content, add in new pages or perform other update activities. But, if any failure on updates, we will charge the restoration fees based on maintenance hour.
6Can I edit certain design code myself?
Kindly note that if client edited the content/code themselves, we reserve the right to refuse any troubleshooting or code/content update request.
7Can I request for refund?
Strictly NO REFUND is allowed after confirmation and payment.
8If I don't renew my service after the end of subscription, can I still keep the website?
There will be RM550 annual charges, if you don’t renew meaning we will not renew the domain and hosting, your website will be expired.
9Once the website draft is ready, how many rounds of revision are allowed?
Customers may request up to 2 rounds of revision after the website draft is ready.
10Do I need to provide content writing and images?
Yes, you have to provide for us. The content writing and image design service is not included in the package. Any additional services will be charged based on the specific type of service.

Would you like to understand which plan best suits your business? Contact our professional website builder now!