Prance Gold & Jewellery


The Objective

Prance Gold is steadily increasing their physical outlets, however has no on-line presence. With that, they want to make a web awareness despite having sturdy established competition within the market. Their aim is to concentrate awareness on a particular targeted audience.

The Obstacle

With sturdy present competition protecting the marketplace share, how can we speak the client's brand tale in order that it's highly applicable to the focused target market and additionally setting up a strong connection to the brand?

The Approach

Fixating on the values of keeping gold as assets, we introduce Prance Gold & Jewellery with a pleasant yet conceptualised comprehensive social media presence. The end result is based on the introduction of a sequence of instructional on line posts concentrated on a selected target market. These posts have been made withinside the voice of a friendship and rapport for the centered target market to percentage treasured tips, interesting contests or promotions to their social circles. Their target is the lowered earnings marketplace range.