Elearning Website & Portal Development Malaysia

The Importances of E-learning Website & Portal Development

Elearning Website & Portal Development Malaysia

The Importances of E-learning Website & Portal Development

What is an Elearning Website?

The educational field has evolved significantly in the past few years, as it went through the stage of technology introduction in education, the concept of e-learning was introduced. E-learning depends on the advanced technologies, presented to provide the educational content to the learner in an easy and effective way. The e-learning system is one of the important methods for delivering information to learners and modern technical mechanisms. With the changing trend and high demand for online convenience, NewNorms provides E-Learning Customized Development Services from simple ideas to full scale implementation. It is designed for the learning community particularly to create effective learning in work environments.

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Who can utilise this platform?

All fields of industries are encouraged to use it to exchange the present training method - and trade it to a much better one. This new method is often especially useful for teachers, course tutors and HR professionals for corporate companies. HR professionals could benefit in terms of:

  • Train staff using Web-Based Training as not all staff have the same free time to attend the training.
  • The pace of the training conducted got to be catered to individual employees.
  • Avoid time wastage and mental distraction as all staff train at their own pace.
To enjoy the benefits, here you'll consider engaging in a Web-based Employee training/ sharing E-learning platform provided by us.

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What are the importances of Elearning website and portal development?

E-learning is employed to make online training sessions for brand spanking new employees, encouraging skills improvement and enhancing sales training. It ensures the effectiveness of your company and standardization of quality for all employees. Let’s talk about the importances of E-Learning in your business.

Measurable results and reporting

Knowing how effective training has been, is the question that each organization should be asking. Because an investment is merely well made if it helps to realize business goals. When training takes place online, it’s quick and straightforward to serve the info you need to measure its effectiveness.

Self-driven and self-paced

In every beginning of a training program, it is very unlikely that everybody will have an equivalent level of knowledge, skill or experience. So, some employees might learn quicker or slower than others. There might be some who are already familiar with certain parts of training that they refuse to waste time repeating, while others could be completely new to training. The advantage of eLearning for a business is that employees can learn at their own pace, consistent with their own learning needs. This suggests that employees will not feel pressured, or painted with the one-size-fits-all training brush.

Different learning styles

Different people, different learning styles. There are some people who learn better through videos, others might prefer written notes, and a few might need realistic opportunities for practice before they really grasp a new set of skills. One of the best benefits of eLearning for employee training and development is that you simply have a world of content formats at your fingertips. Videos, notes, infographics, games and other content types are able to make eLearning engaging for everybody.


Saving up seems impossible when brooding about the benefits of digital training. This is often because fixing your eLearning course can actually be quite costly, counting on how complex it must be. But it’s an investment that saves you money down the road . The things that you need to consider with offline classes such as prices of travel expenses, catering and venue hire – to not mention the prices of facilitators and physical training materials, like stationary, are never to be worried about! And it gets better, eLearning courses can be re-used and updated with not much expense or time, and a single online educational program can reach much more learners than a classroom workshop.

Convenient and Flexible Access

Having convenient and flexible access to learning is one of the advantages of eLearning within the corporate training environment. Courses are often accessed anytime, anywhere from a mobile device, laptop, tablet or desktop. This means that employees can learn on trains, planes, or at the comfort of their home. It also means not everyone can learn at the same time. Everybody has their own busy schedules, so employees can access their learning once they have time, when their energy levels and focus are maximized for retention.

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The importances of E-learning website and development are more than enough to convince you to take your staff training online. Now, all you need to do is to engage with NewNorms as your E-learning website and portal developer and watch your people and business thrive.