Whatsapp Marketing Strategy Malaysia

What better way to promote your business other than using Whatsapp? Find out why you should start!

Whatsapp Marketing Strategy Malaysia

What better way to promote your business other than using Whatsapp? Find out why you should start!

What Is Whatsapp Marketing

Since January 2019, Whatsapp has 1.5+ billion users and is growing worldwide. In Malaysia alone, more than half of our country’s population (68%) are actively using Whatsapp’s messaging service. That is nearly 22 million people already. With this in mind, consider hiring NewNorms to include a WhatsApp marketing campaign locally or nationwide or even international, as your business grows.
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Why WhatsApp Marketing?

Almost everyone of all ages uses Whatsapp in their daily life, and those people are your customers. Your business needs to start Whatsapp Marketing because all your potential customers are using it. There are more than 60 million messages sent daily, this potential for a larger market penetration simply cannot be ignored.

Statistically, WhatsApp’s engagement rate is relatively higher compared to any other communication platform as almost everyone owns a smartphone and uses Whatsapp for communication. Nearly 98 percent of WhatsApp messages sent are opened and read by the receiver, with 90 percent of them being opened and read within 3 minutes. This boosted up more reason for you to choose Whatsapp Marketing as a way to boost your business.

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Whatsapp Marketing Characteristics

  • We help to create a professional and effective way to communicate and reach potential customers.
  • You are able to send bulk Whatsapp messages with unlimited characters at a fair and affordable pricing.
  • We can create video campaign ads that are worth more than a thousand words, by creating your bulk WhatsApp messages strategy.
  • All messages sent are safeguarded from end-to-end encryption of your database information.

Whatsapp Marketing Benefits

People prefer chats over video calls and phone calls.

Reaching out to your audience on their preferred channel is vital in any marketing strategy. Optimally, using chat is crucial to communicating with your target audiences. Having a brand account on WhatsApp can ensure you are available at all times to users and they can reach out at their convenience.

Whatsapp is a widely-used platform.

According to the WhatsApp blog, the platform connects over two billion users around the world, making it the most popular messaging app today. It is confirmed that WhatsApp has 1600 million active users monthly. With such a large audience base to cater to, you can leverage it the right way to engage 1:1 with your target audiences.

Your target audience is already on WhatsApp.

As almost everyone uses Whatsapp and has the account for it, this means your target audience is already on Whatsapp too! Whatsapp Marketing is smart and the shortcut to reach your target audience.

You can personalize conversations on WhatsApp.

Nothing beats personal conversations with your customers! One to one interactions help you cater to your customers' unique interests and requirements. This makes your message more relevant and authentic.

Whatsapp offers high user engagement.

Your marketing message in all probability will be opened and read on WhatsApp. WhatsApp status, read receipts too have driven user engagement on WhatsApp. Additionally, you will be able to chat with your customers in real-time, and have two-way conversations just like in a physical store. This direct interaction helps your customers feel more connected to you.

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Almost all businesses, no matter big or small, utilize Whatsapp as their means of communication with their customers. It’s time to utilise it for Marketing purposes as well. So, what are you waiting for? Go give your business a boost by using Whatsapp Marketing here now! Request for a better offer for your WhatsApp Marketing here!

Be A Part of The Success

In this modern world, almost all things are digitised. Businesses are not an exception. Almost all successful businesses that you see today grow their revenue by digitalising their business with websites being the important part of the success. Be a part of the success, engage with NewNorms and boost up your business!